The best British Farce...Ever

Charley and Jack love Amy and Kitty. The girls are about to go away, and the Oxford lads think they may miss the opportunity to ask for their fair lady’s hands. Charley discovers that his aunt, a Brazilian woman he hardly knows, is coming for lunch. How fortuitous! Now the aunt can chaperone while the boys ask the girls to marry them. Naturally, things don’t go as planned. Donna Lucia, the aunt, is late, and their friend, Lord Fancourt Babberley shows up in drag for some scholastic ‘amateur theatricals’. He is convinced to pretend to be Donna Lucia, and a wild afternoon of mistaken identity, young love, old love, angry uncles, and one beautiful, exotic aunt ensues. Just as it looks like Uncle Stephen is going to ruin everything, until he realizes that the rich Donna Lucia might be primed for matrimony, and he turns on the charm. How far will the college lad go for his chums, and what happens when the girl he thought lost shows up escorting the real Donna Lucia?  Hilarious goings on, and a laugh on every line.

Maple Ridge

Feb 2nd – 18th


March 2nd – 11th