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Sunday, February 16th & Monday, February 17th @ Theatre in the Country
5708 Glover Road, Langley, BC

Director: Kate Muchmore-Woo        Musical Director: Allan Thorpe

Producer: Reg & Erin Parks
Stage Manager: Michaela Freeman

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  • Rehearsals will be on Monday & Wednesdays from 6:30-9:30 and Sundays from 3-9 starting in late February.
  • The show will run for from June 4th to 20th
  • If you wish to audition but are not available for any of the dates please use the form to left to let us know that.  No promises, but we will do what we can.



Based on the unbelievable true story of one of the most famous con artists in history, Frank Abagnale Jr., Catch Me If You Can is a rousing musical set in the 1960’s. We begin as Frank is captured by Agent Carl Hanratty, after years of pursuit. Frank, however, thinks the audience deserves to hear his version of the truth, and narrates his life as a hip, dance-heavy variety television show. We see Frank, as a teenager, run away from his unhappy home to live a life of great adventure, conning people by assuming a multitude of identities: airplane pilot, doctor, and lawyer, to name a few. A fast, rollicking musical by the creative team behind Hairspray, Catch Me If You Can tells the tale of an ingenious, yet lonely, boy looking for his place in the world.

All Characters are available:

Frank Abagnale Jr. 

Teenager-Mid 20’s. (Tenor) Frank Abagnale Jr. begins as a young, handsome and naïve teenage boy, living a seemingly perfect life with his parents. He especially idolizes his father, who teaches him various ways to misdirect and con people to achieve their goals. Frank’s world is turned upside down when his parents’ divorce after his mother reveals she’s been having an affair. Rather than become embroiled in a custody battle, Frank runs away and escapes to New York.

Carl Hanratty

Carl Hanratty – (Tenor) is the persistent FBI agent pursuing Frank Jr. Carl is a good, honorable man who believes that the differences between right and wrong are very distinct and clear cut. Carl, like Frank Jr., uses his vocation as a means to escape his personal life and avoid his feelings of loneliness and depression. He is divorced, has no children, and does not have any kindred spirits or friends in his agency.

Frank Abagnale Sr.

Frank Sr. (Baritone) is a proud, fast-talking man who has figured out a way to con his way through the world, until it finally catches up to him. He is the idol of his son Frank Jr.’s life. Frank Sr. loves his son and tries to teach him everything he knows about making it in life (by conning people): misdirection, maintain eye contact, and keep talking. Frank Sr. is very proud of the life he has built for himself, and constantly boasts about two stories: The first is about how he met his wife while he was in France serving in the army. Even though he didn’t speak French and she was surrounded by handsome men, she chose him out of all the men in the room. The second story is a fable about two mice who get stuck in a bucket of cream. Frank Sr. claims he’s the mouse who fights so hard to escape that he churns butter out of the cream and, in doing so, gets out of the bucket.

Paula Abagnale

French accent. (Alto) Frank Jr.’s beautiful and elegant mother of French birth, she married young, dashing Frank Sr. during his tour of duty in France. Over time, she has become disillusioned as she realizes her husband is a swindler who has cheated his way through life. Disappointed, she starts a new romance with her husband’s close friend. Undeniably a caring and loving mother to Frank Jr., Paula feels an underlying current of disappointment and resentment towards the special bond between her husband and their son. Requires basic knowledge of ballroom dancing, as Paula has a ballroom dance solo.

Brenda Strong

Brenda (Alto) is a hard-working nurse who meets Frank Abagnale Jr. while they are both working at an Atlanta hospital. Brenda is the youngest nurse on the staff and initially insecure; to compensate she puts on a tough exterior, and works twice as hard. She initially bristles at Frank’s advances, unwilling to believe that he would be interested in her. Once she sees the true, lonely boy within Frank, she falls hard for him.

Roger Strong

Southern Accent, Brenda’s father (Baritone) , and Frank Abagnale Jr.’s intimidating future father-in-law. Roger is quite famous in New Orleans for being one of the most accomplished and formidable attorneys in the South. When he first meets Frank, Roger is intent on grilling him for details about his personal life and opinions. Roger’s chilly demeanor, however, is soon thawed when he comes to realize that Frank Jr. truly loves his daughter and is — at heart — a good man. Roger may be intimidating at first, but deep down he is a romantic soul who adores his family and always puts them first.

Carol Strong

Southern accent. (Alto) Carol Strong is Brenda’s mother and Frank Abagnale Jr.’s future mother-in-law. Carol is a true southern belle: sweet and loving, but also loud and boisterous. Now a society matron, she speaks her mind and has no qualms about her outgoing personality. She takes a shine to Frank Jr. immediately; she is happy to see that he obviously adores her daughter. Carol is the comic relief of any Strong family scene, and the actor playing her should have fantastic comic timing.

FBI Agents

Ensemble members who get featured with lines and characters as FBI agents on Carl’s task force. They can be any gender and have various character traits. Some movement skills required, but not heavy dance.


The ensemble in this show is used significantly and everything from flight attendants to pilots to townsfolk in France and patrons of a jazz club. Lots to do, sing and participate in.