You can be a star!
Actor Audition times will be set in 10 minute intervals. We will email your exact audition time, character lines to look over once you submit your audition request.

by Michael Frayn

Sunday November 18th or 
Monday November 19th
@ Theatre in the Country – 5708 Glover Rd, Langley, BC

Director: Jacq Ainsworth
Producer: Reg Parks
Stage Manager: Michaela Freeman

NEEDED for your Audition:

  • Fill out the form to the left and let us know the best time period to book you in (you can choose more than one)
  • Email headshot (or picture) and resume (or list of shows) to
    • IMPORTANT NOTES: – if you don’t do as follows your audition request may be returned to you.
      • Please name your Headshot with your full name – not just ‘headshot’
      • Please send your resume or show list as a PDF with your name and the word resume (ie:  JillActor Resume.pdf)
  • Sides will be sent out to you once you have requested an audition time.  Please be familiar with the material.
  • Please arrive early in order to fill out an audition form.
  • Please read below for Character Descriptions & Notes from the director


  • Regular Rehearsals will run Mid-December to Mid-February.
  • We will do our best to accommodate planned holiday absences to a degree
  • The show will run for 3 weeks: February 14 – March 2 (Wed – Sat)
  • Please use the form to the left to sign up for an audition slot – Please be as flexible as you can
  • Sides will be sent out to you once you have been confirmed with an audition time.
  • If you wish to audition but are not available for any of the dates please use the form to left to let us know that.  No promises, but we will do what we can.

Principal Roles

[Female] Dotty Otley is nearing the end of her stage career and decides to financially back her last hurrah, playing “Mrs. Clackett”, beloved housekeeper of the farce-within-a-farce. She will need to be able to sustain a reasonably plausible working class British accent as “Mrs. Clackett” and use her normal speaking voice as Dotty in the “real” world.

[Male] Garry Lejeune is drawn to Dotty’s project after having fallen in love with her (probably at a lecture series she gave to his theatre class). He is significantly younger, energetic, earnest and masculine. He plays the slapstick comic hero, “Roger Tramplemain”, in our farce-within-a-farce. As “Roger”, he must be able to make a credible attempt at a refined, middle class British accent.

[Female] Brooke Ashton flits from show to show, from producer to director, with equanimity and not very much attention to the difference between them. She is very, very good at one thing: memorizing her part with absolute fidelity. As “Vicky”, she plays the comedic love interest to “Roger” and barely acknowledges the chaos that surrounds her. Preferably upper middle class British in both roles.

[Male] Freddy Fellows is a good-natured serious actor who is sought after and shunned by directors for the same reason: his integrity to the honesty of his performance. As “Philip Brent” he is the upper class British hero of the story, to whom all manner of hijinks occur.

[Female] Belinda Blair plays Freddy’s character’s wife “Flavia Brent” and should be able to convincingly portray and upper class society wife in the farce-within-a-farce. Her base character is an affectionate, but incorrigible gossip.

[Male] Selsdon Mowbray will ideally be able to convincingly portray a hard-of-hearing, loveable working-class “Burglar”, who in his “real” life is a hard-of-hearing, loveable, ahem…dipsomaniac. He will need to be agile enough to climb in through a window in the farce-within-a-farce.

[Either] Tim Allgood is our farce-within-a-farce’s stage manager. He is also the chief set-builder, props person, gopher, painter, mechanic, you-get-the-idea. He is extremely overworked and has very little opinion on that matter.

[Female] Poppy Norton-Taylor is Tim’s assistant, which means while Tim manages the practical problems, she gets to solve all the impossible problems. She is harried, committed, and lowest animal on the totem pole.

[Male] Lloyd Dallas is the farce-within-a-farce’s director. He is doing this project as a fun and profitable (I don’t think) break from his more serious projects. He is incredibly over-qualified and is remembering how much of directing is really fine management of personalities.

Notes from Director Jacq Ainsworth:

If possible actors should come with sides memorized for their first (and second, if applicable) choice(s). On the form please indicate if you would be willing to be cast in a role that is not your first or second choice, as we will be casting for likely couples. All ethnicites and backgrounds are welcome.

You will be given an audition time. Please consider coming half an hour early to partner up with other actors in the holding area and rehearse your scenes with each other. You will audition with other people, but you will be the only one looked at in the scene when it is your turn to audition. Please ensure you stay and read for your acting partner(s) when it is their turn to audition.

If you have been given a character description that includes an accent suggestion, please prepare it. Here is an excellent website to help you along:
Please try your best, but don’t decide not to come if you feel the accent isn’t perfect…I can “suspend disbelief” enough to say, “the actor is Canadian and the character is an imperfect Brit”.

Because this is a farce-within-a-farce, timing, precision and repeatability is not only essential to the comedy, but also to the safety of your fellow cast mates. It’s going to mean a strong commitment to being physically and mentally ready to work. Please join us if this sounds like just the challenge you’ve been looking for!