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TIC ONLINE (Peformed via Zoom)
The School Mistress by Arthur Pinero – WED FEB 24th

TIC LIVESTREAM and/or LIVE (Performed at the theatre)
Secrets of a Soccer Mom by Kathleen Clark – FEB 16 & 17
Proof by David Auburn – MAR 13 & 15 – More Info Soon

The School Mistress by Arthur Wing Pinero - TIC ONLINE via ZOOM

A victorian farce that depicts the complications at a girls' boarding school when the headmistress is away, leaving her feckless husband in charge.

SHOW DATE: March 12 & 13

A TICOnline Production - Auditions and performances all live over ZOOM

Director: Thomas Smith                  Producer: Reg & Erin Parks

NEEDED for your Audition:

Please fill out the form to the left.

NEW: Once you submit the form you will be sent to a page where you can immediately select your audition time!

You will be sent a script PDF which will allow you to select a character reading of your choice.

You will be contacted via email to finalize a specific time for your audition.

Rehearsals will be 2 or 3 times a week for starting on Mar 1st

Even though you are performing from home, you are welcome to pick up costumes from us

If at all possible we ask performers to have a good internet connection and a computer that allows you to use virtual backgrounds on Zoom

Look at the Roles Available for The School Mistress

This script has been edited for Zoom purposes – These are the roles that remain in the show.

Character                                                      Description

 Vere Queckett                 (Poor “Gentleman” with Expensive Taste) – 40s/50s

Caroline Dyott                  (Principal of Volumnia College, Vere’s Wife) – 40s/50s

Archibald Rankling           (Rear-Admiral of H.M. Flag Ship Pandora) – 40s/50s

Emma Rankling                 (Archibald’s Wife) – 40s/50s

Dinah Paulover                  (Daughter of the Rankling’s & Student at Volumnia) – teens – 20s

Reginald Paulover              (Dinah’s Husband) – 20s

Peggy Hesslerigge              (Student at Volumnia) – teens – 20s/30s

John Mallory                        (Lieutenant of H.M. Flag Ship Pandora) – 30s

Ermyntrude Johnson          (Student at Volumnia) – teens – 20s

Otto Bernstein                     (A Popular Composer, German) – 40s/50s

Tyler                                       (A Servant, Cockney) – teens – 20s

Jane Chipman                       (A Servant, Cockney) – 40s/50s

Proof by David Auburn - TIC LIVE & STREAM

Catherine is a 27-year-old grieving after the loss of her father, a genius mathematician whose mind gradually deteriorated from mental illness. With her sister, Claire , urging Catherine to leave their family home, and an ambitious student, Hal, searching through her father's notes, Catherine struggles to keep her composure and her sanity in this Pulitzer prize winning drama adapted from the mind of David Auburn.

SHOW DATES: March 31 - April 17th

A TIC Livestream Production - All auditions & performances will  be live

Director: Erin Parks                   Producer: Reg & Erin Parks

NEEDED for your Audition:

Please fill out the form to the left AND select an audition time in the window that follows when you submit the form.

Sides and further details will be sent to you shortly

Look at the Roles Available for Proof

ROBERTThis role has already been cast. was a famous mathematician who has just died of a heart attack in his fifties. He is already dead when the play begins, but he appears in the first scene in Catherine’s imagination and returns in two later scenes, which flash back to earlier years. Robert was a mathematical genius.  While he was still in his twenties, Robert was afflicted by a serious mental illness, which dogged the remainder of his life. He became so incapacitated that his daughter Catherine had to stay at home to care for him.

CATHERINE – is Robert’s twenty-five-year-old daughter. A college dropout, she has spent several years at home caring for her mentally ill father. Their relationship, although sometimes antagonistic on the surface, was sustained by strong mutual affection. Although she is a highly intelligent woman, she has no direction in life. Catherine is worried that she may inherit her father’s illness, and the signs of mental instability are already there.

CLAIRE is Catherine’s twenty-nine-year-old efficient, practical, and successful sister. Unlike Catherine, she has inherited none of her father’s erratic genius. Instead, she has made a career in New York as a currency analyst. Claire and Catherine have never gotten along well. Claire feels responsible for Catherine’s welfare and wants her to move to New York, but Catherine resents what she sees as Claire’s interference in her life.

HAL is a twenty-eight-year-old mathematician who teaches at the University of Chicago. He also plays drums in a rock band made up of mathematicians. Hal is a former student of Robert’s, whom he admires immensely, not only for the brilliance of his achievements in mathematics but because Robert helped him through a bad patch in his doctoral studies. Hal first met Catherine briefly four years earlier, and when he meets her again, he tries to make friends with her, and quickly becomes romantically involved with her.