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All Auditions will be done via Zoom An email will be sent for you to choose your exact audition time slot. If the times do not work for you then we will ask you to send in a video audition of you reading your favourite character choices.


TIC ONLINE (Performed via Zoom)
TIC LIVESTREAM and/or LIVE (Performed at the theatre)


We will be auditioning for all of the roles in this show.

Auditions will be held on April 15th in the evening & 17th on the afternoon.

NOTE:      CHILD ROLES: We are looking for children of the ages listed or who can play that age for purpose of the reading.

Some roles may be doubled

SHERLOCK HOLMES: A brilliant detective.
DR. WATSON: Sherlock’s kindhearted assistant.
MRS. HUDSON: The tough landlady of 221B Baker Street.
LESTRADE: The pompous inspector from Scotland Yard.
WIGGINS: 14, street-smart, tough leader of the Irregulars.
TOBY: 14, a challenger, new to the Irregulars, Anna’s brother.
ANNA: 12, the smartest Irregular, has crutches, Toby’s sister.
GEORGE: 15, the biggest Irregular, but gentle.*
LUCY: 10, a fearless, impulsive and small Irregular.
OLIVER: 8, the youngest and smallest Irregular.
HOPE: A desperate criminal looking for a ring. Disguises himself as MRS. SAWYER.
CONSTABLE: A policeman.*
WILSON: A pawnbroker with flaming red hair.*
SPAULDING: The pawnbroker’s new assistant, later revealed as CLAY.
MARY: 14, helps clean Wilson’s home.
ROSS: Trustee of the League of Red-Headed Gentleman.
MERRYWEATHER: Bank official.
LANDLADY: A landlady at the offices of the League of RedHeaded Gentlemen.
BAKER: A tall man who lost his hat and goose.
HORNER: A plumber at Cosmopolitan Hotel.*
RYDER: Senior attendant at Cosmopolitan Hotel.
CATHERINE: Maid of the countess and pregnant wife of Ryder.
BRECKINRIDGE: Poultry dealer.
TOUGHS: A gang of rough street youths*

* These roles are smaller, and will be assigned from actors who read for other roles

  • Rehearsals will be be on Sunday afternoons and Monday and Wednesday evenings.
    NOTE: Not all characters will be needed at all rehearsals
  • Performance Dates are May 7 & 8