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ZOOM READER’S THEATRE – The Man Who Came To Dinner

The Man Who Came To Dinner by Hart & Kauffman

A TIC ONLINE ZOOM PRODUCTION – All auditions will be via Zoom

Director: Cassie Unger                      Producer: Reg & Erin Parks

NEEDED for your Audition:

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NEW: Once you submit the form you will be sent to a page where you can immediately select your audition time!

You will be contacted to finalize a particular time on Saturday Jan 16th.

You will be sent a script PDF which will allow you to select a character reading of your choice.

You will be contacted via email to finalize a specific time for your audition.

Rehearsals will be 2 or 3 time a week for 2 weeks before the show.

Doubling of smaller roles a distinct possibility.

SHOW DATE: February 5 & 6

Look at the Roles Available for THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER

          Character                                                      Description

 Sheridan Whiteside                A middle-aged, Falstaffian-girthed celebrity

Maggie Cutler                            Whiteside’s private secretary & chief interference runner

Mr. Earnest W. Stanley           Frustrated & discomfited host to the demanding invalid

Mrs. Stanley (Daisy)                Highly strung wife

Richard Stanley                        Talented amateur photographer

June Stanley                              Young union organizer. Hopelessly in love with Sandy

Harriet Stanley                         Elderly, eccentric, live-in sister with a sinister and past

Miss Preen                                  A spinsterish nurse who attends to Whiteside. Humorless.

John                                              The Stanley’s star-struck Butler

Sarah                                            John’s wife, the talented household cook.

Miss Dexter                                Star-struck neighbor

Mrs. McCutcheon                     Star-struck neighbor

Dr. Bradley                                 Whiteside’s doctor

Bert Jefferson                           An interesting-looking young man

Professor Metz                         A strange-looking little man in his fifties. An entomologist.

Lorraine Sheldon                    A temperamental, acid-tongued, actress, young & beautiful.

Sandy                                         Handsome young man. June’s Union-organizer boyfriend

Beverley Carlton                     Flamboyant English Entertainer


Mr. Baker                                  Prison Guard