Getting Involved at TIC

Come join a great community, have a blast, meet new people, be creative

Come join us in making theatre magic!

Let us know if want to get involved at TIC!

We are currently looking for people in the following areas:


We are looing for someone with a keen interest in the technical side of theatre to act as an audio operator for our shows. If possible you should have some experience mixing audio, but ample training will be provided with our Technical Director, Graham Coates before you take on a show by yourself. You will have an opportunity to shadown Graham in a live production setting and operate udner his guidance.


  • A good ear for music and sound
  • A willingness to learn
  • A passion for being part of quality theatre team
  • At least a basic understanding of sound mixing in a live enviroment


  • Great training and community
  • Lots of backup and support during your first ew shows
  • Access to top end equipment
  • A signifigant honorarium for each show
  • Dinner is provided for all crew each night a show is up
  • Complimentary tickets you can share with family or friends


If you have ever wanted to learn how to become a scenic painter or if you have exsisting skills you would like to share then we want you on our team. The Set Painting Team is a key part of our volunteer family here at TIC, and an important step in making the magic of our sets happen. Training will be provided by our Head Set Painter, Lori Rippin, who will teach you all the tricks of the trade.


  • An interest in working in a creative enviroment with a team of like-minded people
  • A desire to further develop a craft using colour and texture as your outlet
  • A willingness to paint over a number of Saturdays and evenings in the lead up to each show opening


  • All the paint and brushes you will need
  • Training from our Head Scenic Painter, Lori Rippin – she is a master at this
  • Opening night Dinner Theatre tickets for yourself
  • Complimentary tickets for each show you work on for yourself or others
  • A great creative community and work you can be proud of


If you chose the "other" box please tells us where your interests lie below|:
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