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OUR NEXT AUDITIONS – Fiddler on the Roof

We are getting ready to cast this wonderful classic musical.  We would love to have you be a part of it.

Here are the roles that are available for the show:

NOTE:  The role of Tevye has been filled

Golde, Tevye’s wife – Mezzo-Soprano
Golde is the real strength behind Tevye, the one who keeps the household going. She is very concerned that her daughters make good matches and have easier lives than she & Tevye have had. Good comic timing for very funny lines.

Yente, the matchmaker – Alto
Yente is the middle-aged widow who matches up the young people of the village in the hopes that they will marry. She is the village busybody and knows all the news of the town. She is the comedienne of the show.

Lazar Wolf, the butcher – Baritone
Lazar is the town’s wealthiest citizen & is the same age, if not older, than Tevye. He wants to marry, by traditional parental agreement, Tevye’s daughter, Tzeitel. Promising to give her a good & secure life. A feisty, comic role

Tzeitel, the eldest daughter – Mezzo-Soprano
Tzeitel is the first daughter to marry and the first to challenge the traditions. She has a desperate crying scene with Tevye when faced with marrying Lazar Wolf instead of Motel, who she really loves. A strong dramatic actress

Motel, the tailor – Tenor
Motel is a rather meek & poor tailor who seeks the hand of Tzeitel, and comes into his own in the process! This is a terrific character role needing a sensitive, nervous but lovable portrayal.

Hodel, the 2nd eldest daughter  – Mezzo-Soprano
Hodel becomes intrigued with the radical, young student, Perchik. She eventually leaves Anatevka to join him in Siberia where he is imprisoned for his reform activities. Hodel sings a haunting solo as she says goodbye to her father at the train station.

Perchik, the student – Tenor
Perchik is a visitor to Anatevka, and therefore, an outsider. He brings with him radical new ideas that challenge the traditions. He falls for Hodel. This role requires an actor capable of showing intensity and an unfailing commitment to his beliefs.

Chava, the 3rd eldest daughter – Mezzo Soprano
Chava is the scholarly daughter who loves to read. She falls in love and runs off with Fyedka, a Russian soldier, and breaks her father’s heart. This role requires a capable dramatic actress who can perform an emotional dance.

Fyedka, a Russian soldier – Spoken, sing in chorus
Fyedka, a strong young soldier, sees past his military obligations and falls in love with Chava. He challenges Tevye’s imposed silence towards him. Fyedka has a solo in “To Life” and dances a Russian dance with his fellow soldiers

Shprintze & Bielke – Alto
The two youngest daughters of Tevye & Golde. They take lessons at home from Perchik & appear in several scenes with some speaking lines

The Constable – Spoken, sing in chorus
This Russian military official stationed near Anatevka, knows the villagers well, and even likes some of them, particularly Tevye. But these superficial relationships don’t prevent him from carrying out violence against the people. This is a non-singing role requiring a strong actor.

The Rabbi – Baritone
Anatevka’s Jewish spiritual leader. Older, wiser and witty

Mendel, the Rabbi’s son – Spoken, sing in chorus
The Rabbi’s son. He is uncertain of the presence of Perchik in the village.

Mordcha, the innkeeper – Sings in Chorus
Runs the bar in town and is a friend of Tevye.

Avram, the bookseller – Baritone, sings in chorus
Runs the bookshop in town and keeps the town advised of all of the news in the area.

Grandma Tzeitel – Mezzo-Soprano
Grandma Tzeitel is a ghost figure who appears in the Dream Scene and has a wonderful solo, endorsing the marriage of Tzeitel to Motel. It is a very entertaining & memorable role. This actress will also appear as a villager.

Fruma-Sarah – Mezzo-Soprano
Fruma-Sarah is also a ghost figure who appears in the Dream Scene. She portrays Lazar Wolf’s departed wife & becomes enraged that her husband plans on marrying Tzeitel. It is a show-stopping scene requiring a strong singer to carry a challenging solo. This actress will also appear as a villager.

Nachum – The town beggar. Chorus songs

Yussel The town Hatter. Chorus songs

Shandel The mother of Motel Chorus songs

Sasha & Boris Fyedka’s Russian friends & fellow soldiers. Chorus songs

Priest Christian spiritual leader. Will also play a villager.

Villagers, Russians & Dancers
These chorus members will portray the people of the village as either Papas, Mamas, Sons or Daughters. Also, Russian soldiers and featured dancers. There will be double casting in these areas as needed. Some smaller speaking roles & solos will be determined during rehearsals