Theatre in the Country’s 1st Live Show since March 14th

TIC’s Grand Reopening Event

Join us for a night of MURDER!!

August 20, 21 & 22

How it works

You come to TIC in a socially distant and safe environment to enjoy a great meal, and solve a murder. Throughout the course of the evening , you meet 6 possible suspects who answer questions that help you figure out who the murderer is. Get it right and win a prize.

Our Distancing Plan

We have lowered our seating to 50 guests from our original 200. New, custom built tables give lots of clearance between patrons, and our food service area is now touch-free. Also all guest movement is guided by arrows for entrance, exits and restroom access. Maximum 6 people to a seating bubble.


Pricing Updates

Due to reduced capacity we have had to up our prices $10/person for all or our shows. Murder Mystery Nights are $60/person + $2 order fee = $62.00 includes GST

Meet the suspects, examine the clues, try to figure out who-done-it.

All while enjoying a delicious dinner.

Group discount of 10% for groups over 8 still applies, but guests must bubble in tables of 6 or smaller

Any questions please call us at 604-259-9737 or email to

How the evening works
  • You arrive at the venue and are welcomed by your hosts. Take your seat and get ready for your adventure.
  • The mystery officially begins when someone announces that there has been a murder! There are suspects, and you have been enlisted to hear them out and see if you can determine who the guilty party is!
    • The suspects introduce themselves and give an opening statement.
  • Time for your first course.
    • After the first course you will receive more information and the first round of questions and answers has begun. You are encouraged to ask questions of the suspects, but may simply listen as others do as well.
  • Time for your main course.
    • After you eat, more information will be brought to light, and you will have another chance to ask questions in an effort to ferret out the killer. Once that round of questions is complete it is…
  • Time for dessert
    • This is a chance to make final suggestions to your table mates, or even interact with the suspects yourself – if you dare.
  • After dessert every table will be asked to complete a solution sheet to help solve the crime.
  • At the end of the evening the real murderer will be exposed, and prizes award to the tables who had the right solution.