Introducing our fantastic 2018 Season of shows!

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February 14 – March 3                        TICKETS

We open our 2018 season with the great Canadian tale of the feisty and imaginative red-headed orphan from Prince Edward Island. A true family classic.

April 12 – 21         Tickets

A thinking person’s drama, and our choice for entry into the local theatre festival.
3 people, recently dead, await judgement. You could cut the tension with a pitchfork.

May 31 – June 16          Tickets

16th Century Paris. Quasimodo lives in the bell tower high above Notre Dame
afraid to venture out into the streets until he sees Esmeralda and life takes on new meaning.

September 6 – 22          Tickets

The only farce Neil Simon ever wrote, and it is hilarious. Never has a swanky 5th Avenue
dinner party descended into chaos so fast. Tuna casserole, a shot earlobe and the police at the door.

December 6 – December 15          Tickets

Two young people, hopelessly in love, and then an unexpected pregnancy
changes everything.
Faith, love and trust are pushed to limits with the world in the balance.