A Message From Reg

Hello, I am so glad that you decided to check out our Arts and Culture Tours page. I know there is a lot to look over and I hope we have been able to answer some of your questions and whet your appetite to consider joining us in Italy and London in 2017. For the past 8 years I have been showing people around London and Europe with a focus on Theatre, Art, Culture and History. I would love to show you to some of my favorite places.

If you are seasoned traveler or looking for your first taste of ‘crossing the pond’ you will have a fabulous time. Leave all your worries about schedules, train times and finding the right places to eat up to us, and come to simply enjoy these fantastic cities for what they are: breath-taking and awe-inspiring. We will fill our days with great sights and hidden gems as well as making sure that you have ample time to explore on your own for sights or shopping or sipping cafe or tea. At night we will see great shows and enjoy the bustling city.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me at reg@theatreinthecountry.com or fill out the form below.

Until we meet again,

Reg Parks

A week inside London Theatre for high-school aged young people and their parents with shows, backstage tours and more

July 21-29  
A week in London:  6 shows plus all the sights, art, history and culture that London has to offer.

September 22 – October 6th  
A full two weeks spent in 3 of Europes greatest cities:  Paris, Amsterdam, London.

Being in London and feeling completely at ease made the trip a joy

2015 Guest

The arrangements were great, and we met great people on our trip.

2015 Guest

Amazing food choices and Reg knows all the good spots

2014 Guest

I have been on this tour 4 times and it is always a fresh, new experience

Multi-Year Guest


What upgrades are available?

FLIGHTS: You can upgrade your flights to various levels with the airline. We can guide you through the choices.

ACCOMMODATION: All rates are based on double occupancy in twin or double beds.
Private rooms for the whole trip will be $1000.00 extra.

Can I go on half the trip to just London or just Rome?

Yes. Please contact us for details and adjusted costs

Can I travel independently before or after the trip?

Yes. We will even help you make your arrangements if we can.

Can I leave and/or return to a different airport?

Yes. We can make arrangements from any international airport and coordinate to meet up in the destination city.

How much walking is there?

We work to minimize walking between venues as much as possible by making use of local transport, but Europe is a place where people walk a lot, and if you are going to see a castle, palace or theatre then you do have to walk around to enjoy it. Fortunately there are lost of great spots to sit and relax along the way. For the most part you can move at your own pace.

I’ve traveled the world and this is one of the best tours I’ve ever taken

2013 Guest

Thank-you Reg Parks for your brilliance as our tour guide!! Fabulous adventure! Would recommend to anyone!

2016 Guest

So much amazing theatre to see, and Reg picked a fantastic cross section

2014 Guest

Reg knows the city so well. He made it so easy to just relax and enjoy the city

2011 Guest

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