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ARTS & CULTURE TRIPS 2018. We are pleased to offer 3 fantastic trips this year! Sites, tours, shows and more. Great accommodation and travel companions. All tours led by TIC Artistic Director, Reg Parks

Anne of Green Gables

<p><strong>Feb 14th – Mar 3rd</strong></p><p>The wonderful Canadian classic. The tale of a young orphan who brought hope, imagination, and crazy antics to the small town of Avonlea, PEI.</p>

No Exit

<p><strong>Apr 12th – 21st</strong></p><p>3 souls trapped in Hell’s waiting room awaiting the consequences of their misspent lives.</p><p>by Jean-Paul Sartre</p><p><strong>Tickets Coming Soon</strong></p>

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

<p><strong>May 31st – June 16th</strong></p><p>Victor Hugo’s riveting tale&nbsp;with&nbsp;songs from the Disney animated film. It’s a dark story with flashes of hope, love and joy.</p><p><strong>Tickets Coming Soon</strong></p>


<p><strong>Sept 13th – 29th</strong></p><p>An upscale dinner party goes hilariously awry. 4 couples, 2 cops, a shot off earlobe and tuna casserole.</p><p>by Neil Simon</p><p><strong>Tickets Coming Soon</strong></p>

Two From Galilee

<p><strong>Nov 29th – Dec 15th</strong></p><p>The love story of Mary and Joseph, tested by tradition and complicated by divine intervention. The normal young couple who gave birth to world changing child.</p><p><strong>Tickets Coming Soon</strong></p>

Theatre in the Country Dinner Theatre is a community based theatre that believes great entertainment should be available to everyone.  Our motto is Great Meal, Great Show, Great Night Out. This is a place where families are welcome, laughter is encouraged, and we feed you before we entertain you.  So if you are looking for a wonderful evening out – then you have found the right spot.

Tickets can be purchased for individual shows, the season or in groups.  Whether it is a first date, a family outing or an office party we can make that event one to remember.  We look forward to seeing you soon.


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