• The Music Man

    by Meredith Willson
    May 26 - June 18
    In July 1912, fast-talking traveling salesman “Professor” Harold Hill comes to River City, Iowa, a town hesitant of letting strangers in, especially ones trying to sell something. Harold calls himself a music professor, selling band instruments, uniforms, and the idea of starting a boy’s band with the local youth.
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  • A Few Good Men

    by Aaron Sorkin
    September 29 - October 15
    The story of military lawyers at a court-martial who uncover a high-level conspiracy when a rookie Navy lawyer is assigned to defend two Marines on trial for the murder of one of their platoon members. He expects a plea-bargain, and a cover-up of what really happened.
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  • Miracle on 34th Street

    by Valentine Davies
    Dec 1 - Dec 17
    A white-bearded gentleman claiming to be the real Santa Claus brings about a genuine Miracle on 34th Street, spreading a wave of love throughout New York City, and convincing a divorced, cynical single mother, her somber daughter, and the entire state of New York that Santa Claus is no myth.
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    featuring Caught Of Guards
    June 25th
    All Laughs. All Night Long. Stories and Sketches, Comedy and Song all made up on the spot from your suggestions.
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